Feedo Needo

Areas served

BD1, BD2, BD3, BD4, BD5, BD6, BD7

Key details

ReferralsReferral typeAccess
Self referralPhone or textCollection

Getting food

Individuals can self-refer for food on 07308 497335.

Collection is by appointment only, and you must call or text by 12noon on Wednesday each week to arrange a slot. Collection is from:

Woodroyd Centre
Woodroyd Road
Thursdays, by appointment.
Call or text by 12noon on Wednesday to get a collection slot.

Making referrals

Organisations wishing to make a referral should direct clients to call the number above.

Donating food

Food can be donated at The Woodroyd Centre during opening hours. Please contact Feedo Needo on the number above to arrange a time.

Woodroyd Centre
Woodroyd Road
By appointment.


Feedo Needo have various volunteer opportunities. Please contact them on the number above for details.

Approximate coverage

Coverage maps are based on postcode areas and therefore boundaries may be approximate. Most projects are inclined to be generous, but if in doubt please check with them.

Feedo Needo coverage