What help do you need

I need emergency food

“I need an emergency food parcel for myself.”

“I am an organisation needing to refer somebody for an emergency food parcel.”

I need low-cost food

“I am on a low income and would like to find pay-as-you-feel or low-cost food.”

I am homeless and need a meal

"I am sleeping rough and need a meal tonight."

I need help accessing food because of lockdown

“I can afford food, but I am unable to access it because I am clinically extremely vulnerable and I am unable to obtain a supermarket delivery.”

Please register for a delivery slot at www.gov.uk/coronavirus-shielding-support.

I want to donate food

"I've got some good quality in-date food I want to donate."

"I'd like to buy a bit extra in my shop and donate."

I want to volunteer

"I have a few hours each week and want to help regularly."

"I can help out occasionally or short term."

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